Watch out! with tight clothes

Hello girls!
Fashion is often at odds with health and this is just what happens with clothes too tight. With this I do not mean to say that you do not wear used clothes but I do want to tell you not to abuse her, or at least if you do that you know the consequences that can bring you. So Be careful !, with tight clothing.
care tight clothes

Risks of always wearing tight clothing:

1. You can have numbness in the muscles.
2. Problems of digestion, to have so adjusted laropa is not digested well food and can cause burning in the stomach.
3. It favors the appearance of cellulite, because tight clothing damages the blood circulation. If you already have it you can see it reduced with Food to reduce cellulite
4. You will get varicose veins, because one of the female hormones called progesterone causes dilation of the veins and it is clear that having varicose veins does not please anyone, if you already have them, you can have an eye to My opinion about Menaven 1000 for the varices.
5. Back pain, if the tight clothes you have chosen will grab your hips your spine will suffer with back pain and tecause movements.
6. It also affects sexual health, in men it affects the quality and quantity of sperm. Women favor the appearance of fungi.

7. Problems in the back, for example with the use of corset that in many cases we have no breath you have to be very careful because it can compress the nerves and trigger pain in the head or cervical.

And did you know the disadvantages of wearing tight clothes ?