Unique experiences under the shower

Hello girls!
Some time ago I tried the cream of nivea under the shower which is already famous and surely you will all know it even if you tried it because they also gave free samples.
Nivea under the shower is perfect for me because I'm a bit vague to put creams on and so I save a lot of time and my skin is hydrated in the simplest way.
And now comes the new of Nivea a unique experience with Nivea CaprichoMiel and Capricho Cacao .
It's something different and unrepeatable like buying expensive shoes in the shower, meeting Carlos Baute in the shower, caressing a white tiger cub ... along with other amazing sonic experiences that you can see in the video created by NIVEA and the Leo Burnett agency.
The experiences have not ended follow them in their social networks and you will soon be able to experience one of the new experiences, and the NIVEA Shower invites you to participate in the drawing of 70 double tickets for the Crystal concert.
Do not miss the video because it is one of the videos that make your hair stand on end and surprise you.

What do you think of the unique experiences under the nivea shower ?

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