Hello girls!
You can now go pulling lasbrochas and beloved makeup sponges because The makeup of paper has arrived from the hand of the brand Mai couture .

What is paper makeup?

It is a very novel product similar to anti-shine wipes , but these instead of removing the grease from your face come with foundation, blush and highlighter.
mai couture the paper makeup
The operation of the Mai couture paper makeup is very simple, we take the paper-wipe and apply it to the face, although it must be taken into account that according to the At intensity that we press it against the face so intense will be its color.
This makeup is sold in packs of 50 makeup papers for a price of $ 25.
According to its creator Mai Tran, I invent this product thinking about the short time some women have to make up no doubt this method is very fast.
They are also free of talc and parabens.
Still have not arrived in Spain but sinduda I'm looking forward to them , then maybe when I try them it's a big disappointment but in principle the idea of ​​a quick and easy paper makeup to use I like it.
And what do you think of the makeup in paper ?>?