Hello girls!
A long time ago, about two years ago Win a raffle , from an India Hair-Yurvedics ICON pack, happy to win things .

My opinion about the ICON Indian Hair-Yurvedics Pack;

I also told you that I would tell you how it had gone, and I did not lie to you because two years later I am telling you ... what a morro I have.

The question is that back then I had too many things for my hair and it is not a plan to open everything because as you know They have an expiration date.

But about 9 months ago I do not know exactly how much time because I do not recover it I was fine but more or less ... I decided that it was time to open the Indian Hair-Yurvedics Pack of ICON and see how it was going to my hair.

Always I have been struck by the products of ICON because I read very good opinions of them but I looked at the Healing Spray and the oil and it gave me the thorn that they were not made for me.

But after so much time I finally decided to write about my ICON opinions.

ICON Healing Opinion (The boat larger);

It is a no-rinse treatment that transforms any hair type by strengthening each strand.

IconIndia Healing Spray;

Contains the specific oils of the India line: moringaque strengthens and repairs, and argan that gives back the shine and depth of the hair, besides giving it an exquisite aroma.

It also contains Aloe leaf extract that calms our ca Beautiful and Quínoa quepenetra to repair damaged hair as well as maintain its hydration.
With this treatment my hair is wonderfully well, it helps me to untangle it and my hair stays softer and stronger.
This treatment of ICON I recommend it to all but I also say that I find it a bit expensive this is the 250 ml and has a price of about 25 euros but to try yoos I recommend the 60 ml It has a price of 9 euros, because you already know that every hair is a world.

Opinion (the second boat) is ICON OIL;

As its name suggests it is a fast absorbing oil. Icon India Hair Oil contains 80% moringa oil and 20% argan oil, as well as anti-aging ingredients and vitamins A, C and E.
It comes with an account drops, and with very little you have for all the hair. It serves to avoid frizzy hair, nourishes and strengthens.
But it was going to me fatal, I only used it 3 times and it was a disaster, my hair was getting very fat, it was not that I was surprised and all the oils that I've tried it badly.
So I'll give it to a person with dry hair and it's great for her now she is delighted to buy it.
Porlo so if you have the Oily hair I do not recommend this oil at all, otherwise if you have it dry yes I recommend it although I would like to see that it has silicones.
¿Quéos they look like beauty products ICON INDIA ?