Opinion on Dxmall

Hello girls!
A little bit ago we had a draw with Dxmall in which three winners took 3 set of brushes . Soon they will come home. To my surprise the 3 winners chose the same gift and even the same color, you have the same taste.
And today I come to show you my latest low cost purchase , because if you had gifts of Dxmall me too.

My request to Dxmall and opinion:

One of the things that I have is this beautiful "skin" bag of cow "brand Nucelle .
I picked it black because that's how it hits me with everything, although for shows you'll see it in an outfit soon. The good thing is that in addition to choosing the color you can also choose the measurements.
Do not be alarmed because the brand says cowhide, but it smells like all plastic bags in China. This cow skin has little, which makes me happy because I do not like to have any bag with animal skins, good or bag or any clothes.

The bag is medium in size and is very strong and resistant. However I can not say the same about the chain that broke me two days ago. Nothing that can not be fixed, but ... it was malilla.


The other product is this electric neck massager . You have it in various colors blue, white and black.

The massager stimulates blood circulation, fatigue release, and prevent neck disease. When I uploaded it to Instagram, some of you told me to tell you when I tried it.

Well, it has cost me his thing because the manual comes in English that mania ... that Spanish also exists.

After fighting with him I got it to work Hurray !! But honestly I do not like aiss I feel that I get cramps and I do not like it. Although for tastes the colors other people have tried it and are delighted it relaxes them and everything.

But I'm not able to wear it knowing that it will give me a cramp.


The shipment on this order the web dxmall was quite fast, things in general are fine, it is true that I have not been very successful with the massager but that has already been my fault for choosing something that in the back I knew I was not going to use.
Have you found my opinion on Dxmall ? How do you like my low cost shopping ?