Makeup for a good selfie

Hello girls!
When we talk about How to make a good selfie , one of the tips to come out with selfies is makeup But what kind of makeup is the best for a selfie?
makeup for selfies

Tricks for girls to make us an selfie:

1. The first thing we will do to make up for a selfie will be to prepare our skin using a pre-base and avoiding glare.
2. Beware of dark circles if you have them properly covered with a concealer.
3. The eyebrows are a very important feature of the face in addition to knowing which are the best we have left, it will also depend on the eyebrow fashion right now the ones that are worn are the thick eyebrows.
Whatever your types of eyebrows for a good selfie we will have to fill them and fix them so they do not move.
4. To enhance your eyes do not forget the most important thing in the makeup use a good mascara and an eyerliner.
5. Use an illuminator to have good looks, but do not forget that sometimes with the excesses we end up looking like a panda. We will apply it around the eyes, on the cheekbones, upper part of the eyebrows and on the wall of the nose.
6. Apply blush, to highlight your cheekbones but do not pass or end up looking like a tomatito. Everything in its right measure.
7. A good lipstick, and I always recommend reds or roses I have a weakness for these two colors but that I leave it to your choice.

8. Be always attentive to the Makeup Blogs , to get more out of it.

How about the makeup for losselfies ?