Halloween makeup wounds without latex

Hello girls!
A few days ago, the post of 5 ideas for painting lips on Halloween was published, and today I am oyster a makeup for halloween with wounds but without latex , ie toilet paper and glue.
As you imagine with latex it looks much better and is simpler but as it is not easy to find today I bring you a tutorial of makeup for halloween with wounds but with a tail , I will also show you a latex but later.
 makeup halloween wounds without latex

Halloween makeup, Wounds without latex:

1. First you will take toilet paper, cut small pieces and go sticking them in the face with the help of a little water. You can give it the shape you want and put the layers according to the depth of the wounds that we are going to do.
To give you an idea I have only put two layers so "The wounds of Halloween" are very shallow.
step by step makeup halloween
2. To continue with our Halloween makeup latex-free wounds , we will put on top of the toilet paper. In my case I have used the henkel tail but you can use the one you have at home. Now we have two options to have a lot of patience and wait, wait and wait again for the glue to dry or catch a dryer and it will dry much faster.
When the tail is dry we take unpalillo and we break the paper and the tail where we want the wounds, then we pick a dark brown eyeshadow and paint the inside of the "halloween wounds" to give more depth.
halloween makeup without latex
3. If you have artificial blood we will put it for the wounds and if not then noscortamos a finger and ready haha. No better not. We take a red-colored lipstick and we take it out with a toothpick and put it on gobs.
halloween makeup with a tail and no latex