Gelatin burns for halloween

Hello girls!
A few days ago I was writing about 5 ideas Lip makeup for halloween and like every day on halloween is closer today I bring you How to make gelatin burns for halloween
It is a very easy tutorial to do but still if you have any questions as always do not doubt ask me, I warn you that this makeup for halloween gives a little bit of relief for the appearance of burns, but that depends on each stomach.
makeup burns halloween

Makeup burns gelatin for halloween:

Parahacer halloween burns without latex we will need gelatin neutral without color, we will not any brand and format. If you have never bought it or do not know where to get it, they have it in mercadona where the custard is to make them and those things.

The ones you see in the image are those of mercadona, although it has been quite a while since I have them and now I think they have changed the outside role. We will also need a bowl where you can remove the jello, a spoon and hot water to start.
gelatin for burns
We will put more or less jelly to make halloween burns depending on how big we want, in my case I had to melt 3 sheets.
We put them in a poruna and we are pouring hot water so that they melt.
gelatin for burns
Whenstate completely melted we make sure that it does not burn and we started to make it form in our face or place where we are going to put the burn for halloween .
If you can put it with a spoon much better because we will avoid sticky hands.
halloween burns

Then we will take a foundation of our skin tone and very carefully begin to paint the gelatin, the base of makeup serves us any brand.Do you like this makeup for halloween ?