Hello girls!
I hope you have a good weekend, today I am going to show you my first low cost purchase at Fapex , although I already tell you that it is not the only one, as you will imagine it is all feminine cosmetics .
purchase in fapex
One of the products I bought this Blanx extra white , a 30 ml intensive bleaching treatment that removes stains and recovers the purity and whiteness of the teeth.
It has the special concentrated triple formula, which allows teeth whitening, not only quickly and effectively, but also safely, since it does not affect the enamel or the gums.
Suprecio is 10.20 €
blanx colgate teeth whitening
The second thing I picked up on my low cost purchase was this oval makeup sponge , since I started using sponges I forgot a little bit of the brushes and as I have this style is already I have taken this badly, its price is € 2.70 and comes with a case to keep it.
cheap makeup sponge
The following is a liquid eyeliner, specifically the L'Oréal ParisSuper Liner Carbon Gloss its size is 6 ml and its price is € 6.60, I've already tried it and I'm really enjoying it although I'll talk in another entry only of him.
loreal paris super liner carbon gloss
And finally the wax veet for delicate skin with gel texture for € 5.90. You also have this wax for normal skin "pink pot" and for dry skin "green pot".
veet wax sensitive skin
I really buy more things but they are for a gift and if I teach them here ... it would not be a surprise because I know they read this blog and maybe some will also be able to get around it.
When I have quietly tried these products I will tell you my experience.
What do you think of my low cost shopping in fapex ?