5 lip makeup ideas for halloween

Hello girls!
There is little left for halloween and that's why today I bring you several ideas of makeup lips for halloween, and also everything with products that we can practically have at home to get us cheap.
I think this is the photo I have, in which I leave more favored.
easy makeup halloween

1st Proposal for makeup lips for halloween:

The first proposal What I bring you from lip makeup for halloween is a spider coming out of the mouth, it is very easy to do and the other part of the lip we paint it red or of another color that is already according to the disguise that you are going to wear. I also added an eye in black and a spider in the other eye.

To make it look more the best is to paint the entire face white, although I had the dead face and had it before .

makeup lips halloween spider
 makeup lips halloween spider

2nd Proposal for makeup lips for halloween:

The second proposal of lip makeup for halloween that I bring you is the most rock, implemente paint the lips of blacks and stick a few tacks. These are buyincoins and they sell them for nails.
So that you do not fall for a lip fixer, although I recommend you only use it for special occasions like this since they usually have a lot of alcohol and dry out the lips a lot.
lips rockers halloween

3rd Proposal for makeup lips for halloween:

The third proposal of lip makeup for halloween is the simplest of all, we paint the lips white and we make a few of drawings of red, using a brush because it is very difficult to make drawings on the lips. The best thing is that one of the drawings is the fingerprint of our fingers.

blood halloween lips

4th Make-up proposal for halloween lips:

The fourth proposal of lip makeup for halloween are teeth that never end, we will only make them white and we will review with black.We just paint the orange lips and we're making the shape of the pumpkin with the black.

halloween pumpkin lips makeup

What do you think of my proposals for lip makeup for halloween ?