21 Strange antimoda views

Hello girls!
Normally I always bring you things of fashion and trend that I like but today it's just the opposite, today I gloss over my strange opinions about fashion , things that I will never understand, tell me that I am not the only one who thinks like this: -)

Strange anti - fashion opinions:

1. I do not like the people who wear short, not to say jeans panties three sizes smaller than they should wear and with a lot of cellulite, big mistake! For them and for the stomach of others.
2. When I see someone with pamela I do not know how to like or laugh.
3. I do not like garments with the brand exceedingly large , do you get paid for that promotions? Because in my case, if they do not pay me, you will never see me with a sweatshirt from the Burger King, McDonald ...
4. I do not like people who wear glasses because of fashion and not because they need them. I changed my eyes ... the illusion that I was going to make them then the glasses.
5. The leggins are not suitable for people who use more than 42, comfortable it is clear that they are ... but there are some bodies to die for.
6. Large hoop earrings , crawl as if you saw a hurricane pass.
7. I detest the tip shoes , make 3 more numbers.
8. The bow ties I find a horror, just remember the clowns just need to have the big foot on top.
9. I do not like tall girls with high hyper counts, it reminds me of storks .
10. Complements yes, but not a fair.
11. I hate the manoletinas they remind me of the bullfighters, oleeeeeeeeeeee, is the bull next to you? Ohh I do not hate it.
12. The shiny stockings are only for carnival
13. There are people who animal print are left with luxury, but many are passed with that pattern, mini shorts, high boots ... and you know what they end up looking like ...
14 I do not like men in suits , they remind penguins.
15. I do not like those who wear shirts two sizes less than they need to mark muscle ... or try it.
16. The flesh-colored clothes is horrible.
17. The small bags I find ridiculous, if you do not enter the phone and the wallet are useless.
18. Crabs I think they are for 3-year-old girls, not for 30-year-old women.
19. I hate the pants of bell and corduroy too.
20. I do not like long shirts that many wear dresses.
21. The Ugg boots remind me of aapatillas to be at home.
And so far the things that I do not like about the trend-fashion that I've always thought about but I've kept quiet because nearby people have some of them haha, but nothing happens because I know that you keep the secret to me.
And what do you fashion/trend hate? What do you think of my antimoda opinions?